Arbutus Ericaceae

ARBUTUS UNEDO 200-250 030-040 macrobonsai cn

ARBUTUS UNEDO 200-250 030-040 macrobonsai cn


The Arbutus Unedo, or Strawberry Tree, generally appears as a large evergreen shrub or small tree, common on Mediterranean scrubland, and is easily distinguishable from other shrubs due to its shiny, lanceolate, slightly tooth-edged, intense green leaves. Its small, bell-shaped flowers are white and appear at the same time as spherical, wrinkled and red fruit.

  • Genus: Arbutus
  • Type: Evergreen
  • Growth habit: tree
  • Green, glossy sclerophyllous leaves, tinted pink in winter
  • White bell-shaped flowers
  • Flowering period: months 1-2 10-11-12
  • Round, red edible fruit in autumn/winter
  • Prefers well-drained, fertile soil, rich in humus
  • Shaded exposure


 6-12 M
 6-8 M
MIN. -15/-10°C

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